Chi Siamo

If you are reading this biosketch,it means my jewelry pieces have somehow caught your attention.

I am not one to look at the past with nostalgia, but you may want to know a little more about myself and how I got here.

Rewind to the early Nineties: I am back in Trieste, Italy, after a two-year stint in Brussels, a city which has greatly inspired me with its Art Nouveau atmospheres, fun flea markets and ethnic and cultural mix. All this gave me the courage to start - at the beginning, just for fun - the job I have being doing for almost 30 years: creating handmade jewelry with a strong ‘pop’ appeal and and a nonchalant twist.

During all these years I have never stopped conceiving new designs and experimenting with pieces crafted from unusual and non-conventional materials, like little branches found on the beach, dyed natural sponges, rope, fabrics, wool,upcycled rubber, while I also enjoyed trying my hand with the creation of chains.

Craftsmanship is a magical world that has enabled me to embrace my manual skills to create and propose what I have in my mind and in my heart.

Writing these few lines has made me focus on the most important ‘scenes’ in the film of my life: definitely the birth of my daughter Mila, in 2001, was one of the most beautiful, inspiring and stimulating moments I have ever experienced. A special moment that pushed me to learn new techniques, like non-precious metal welding and glass blowing in Murano.

When I started the course with master glassmaker Davide Penso, I recall thinking I would never be able to handle such a magic, incandescent material. But through perseverance I have achieved highly rewarding results in my constant research for beauty and color.

Mila’s first concrete contribution to my creative work came when she was about 4 years old: she drew a giraffe. Looking at her doodle, I realized there could be no better way to portray the philosophy of my small brand. The giraffe is the symbol of my motivation to endlessly experiment with the creation of objects à porter, pieces you can wear, made with passion, to be, to play, to dream. Always with irony and lightheartedness.


I am excited and proud to be one of those artists specialized in the ancient glassmaking technique, an artistic heritage that belongs to a small group of skilled artisans.


In this vein, I encourage those of you who love learning manual skills to keep pursuing your passion, and get a closer look at this incredible and wonderful craft.

From an emotional point of view, I feel privileged doing what I do, although this can be a challenging job. Yet all difficulties disappear whenever I meet one of the charming women who wear my jewelry pieces and who – also with my little help - feel more attractive and receive compliments on their look. Choosing the right accessory helps expressing one’s own personality. At this moment of my life, I truly wish that my designs could go on a journey around the world, just like I dream of doing myself.